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Certificate For Not For Profit Incorporation

Researcher Application

Paranormal research is not like what you see on TV. It is rare that legitimate evidence is found. Being a Paranormal Researcher is a non-paid position that requires many hours collecting and reviewing possible evidence. Transportation to and from investigations and meetings is solely your responsibility. Access to a computer and the internet is required for reviewing evidence as well as communication with the team.


1. Are you over 18? Yes No

2. Do you have reliable transportation? Yes No

3. Do you have a criminal record? If "Yes" please explain in the box below Yes No

4. Would your family have any problems with you being on an investigation at all hours of the night? Yes No

5. Do you use any street drugs? If so, explain. Yes No

6. Do you suffer from any forms of mental illness or depression? If so, explain. Yes No

7. Do you have any physical limitations that would interfere with your ability to perform research i.e, walking up and down stairs, crawling through small spaces, lifting 30 lbs. or more, working in extreme temperatures, being exposed to dust & mold. If so explain. Yes No

8. Do you have any chronic health issues? If so, explain. Yes No

Any additional comments

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